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4.561 Project Listing (current)

This list updates dynamically and may be a bit slow. Please be patient.

  • Haoxiang    Haoxiang Yang (registered on Feb/18/2017 )
         Korman House by Louis I Kahn (year: 1971, location: PA, USA)
  • ammara    Ammar Ahmed (registered on Feb/19/2017 )
         Muuratsalo Experimental House by Alvar Aalto (year: 1953, location: Muuratsalo, Finland)
  • casalduc    Carlos Casalduc (registered on Feb/20/2017 )
         Villa Foscari by Andrea Palladio (year: 1560, location: Mira, Italy)
  • cvandevo    Cheyenne Vandevoorde (registered on Feb/16/2017 )
         Muller House by Adolf Loos (year: 1930, location: Prague)
  • dni    Duan Ni (registered on Feb/19/2017 )
         Kanamori House by Tadao Ando (year: 1994, location: Osaka, Japan)
  • emwhit    Emily Whitbeck (registered on Feb/16/2017 )
         Iwasa House by Tadao Ando (year: 1990, location: Hyogo, Japan)
  • enidtian    Xuezhu Tian (registered on Feb/20/2017 )
         Matsutani House and Extension by Tadao Ando (year: 1990, location: Kyoto)
  • erinwong    Erin Wong (registered on Feb/18/2017 )
         Azuma House by Tadao Ando (year: 1976, location: Sumiyoshi, Osaka, Japan)
  • guiyun    Yun Gui (registered on Feb/19/2017 )
         Villa Stein Garches by Le Corbusier (year: 1927, location: Garches, France)
  • hlee89    Hyerin Lee (registered on Feb/22/2017 )
         Esherick House by Louis Kahn (year: 1961, location: Philadelphia, PA)
  • jfidalgo    Jonathan Fidalgo (registered on Feb/21/2017 )
         Raumplan House by Alberto Campo Baeza (year: 2015, location: Madrid, Spain)
  • junek    June Kim (registered on Feb/18/2017 )
         Esherick House by Louis Kahn (year: 1959-1961, location: Philadelphia, USA)
  • kmarb    Kevin Marblestone (registered on Feb/19/2017 )
         Horiuchi House by Tadao Ando (year: 1979, location: Osaka, Japan)
  • liuch    Chang Liu (registered on Feb/22/2017 )
         by test (year: , location: )
  • marrs    Jonah Ross-Marrs (registered on Feb/21/2017 )
         Ashitaka house by Kazuo Shinohara (year: 1977, location: Ashitaka, Japan)
  • mfauer    Marlena Fauer (registered on Feb/20/2017 )
         I House by Tadao Ando (year: 1986, location: Ashiya, Japan)
  • shanexyz    Shane Zhang (registered on Feb/20/2017 )
         House H by Sou Fujimoto (year: 2008, location: Tokyo, Japan)
  • solisc    Cristina Solis (registered on Feb/20/2017 )
         Koshino House by Tadao Ando (year: 1981, location: Hyogo, Japan)
  • takehiko    takehiko nagakura (registered on Feb/8/2017 )
         Palace of Soviets by Le Corbusier (year: 1929, location: Moscow)
  • weberp    Patrick Weber (registered on Feb/18/2017 )
         Tugendhat House by Mies Van Der Rohe (year: 1930, location: Brno, Czech Republic)